I turn 19 on December 31, 2100. I live in sub city Arachnida, which is only the coolest district on Arcanarc Colony. Oh, Arcanarc is a space habitat drifting in outer space and mining precious minerals from decaying asteroids. The capital of Arcanarc is Super City Arcanarc. Practically, the entire colony is owned by the One Consciousness Corporation. I am not sure what that makes those of us who happen to live here, property or currency? My mom is a metrologist. She’s awesome. My dad is a lyricist. He is obsessed with pop culture from the old world. I guess I inherited my obsession with anything 21st Century from him. But unlike me, he’s pretty laid back, until you mess with his stash of vinyl records. I can understand why he’s so precious about them. They are more than a 150 years old. Mystifying things vinyl records are, so basic in construction and yet they produce the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard. I have an older brother in college. He is studying Corporate Analytics and Strategies for the 22nd Century, setting himself up for a high position in the corporation. Desperately and hopelessly, we are polar opposites, he and I. My best pals are Araka and Quta. We are all in the resistance, soldiers in the Army for the Restoration of Womanhood. I wish I could say that I am a regular kid who loves going to the movies and listening to music, and living it up as if there were no tomorrow. But I don’t think so. How can I watch movies and listen to music when all of womanhood is at stake? Literally, there may be no tomorrow at the rate we are going.